Rommels '15th Panzer Division Afrika' ~~ "Aces High" INFORMATION

The 15th Panzer division is a historically based tank squadron that is CO'd by Ripsnort. Our "mission focus" is on total World War 2 immersion, squad cohesion, and of course, the "Fun" factor! We have members that specialize in Tank killing, structure disposal, recon and aircraft denial. Vehicles include in Aces High are the Mark IV Panzer tank armed with the 75mm main weapon, the M16, armed with quad-.50 cal., and the M3 truck that carries troops for field captures. 

Membership does not require 'joining' a squad online, simply email Ripsnort that you are interested in joining, he will add you to the distribution list for squad details and information, as well as provide you with the password to our very own bulletin board within the HTC website. All countries members are welcome!

We meet twice a month in the SEA arena on Sundays at 2:00pm EST and in the Main arena every other Saturday night at 10:00pm EST for mission operations. Missions are called by the members within the 15th, anyone can 'call' a mission. More times than not, we have CAS to help us with our mission goals.

If you're interested in flying with an organized, structured squadron, this is the squad.  

You can find out more about the the 15th Panzer division at this website:

The 15th Panzer Division Afrika Corp

Here is the link to HiTechs "Aces High" World War 2 Flight simulator:

Aces High

Here is the link to "The Jokers Low" scenario page that VMF-323 participates in: 

Jokers Low 

and if you decide this is the squad for you, email Ripsnort at :