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VMF-323 "Death Rattlers" ~~ "Aces High" INFORMATION

VMF-323 Death Rattlers is a historically based squadron that was commissioned on 1 August 1943 at MCAS, Cherry Point, NC. Our squadrons "mission focus" is on total World War 2 immersion, squad cohesion, and of course, the "Fun" facter! We have members that specialize in bombers, fighters, fighting vehicles and mission planning.

If you're interested in flying with an organized, structured squadron that flies all aircraft and vehicles available in AH, this is the squad. When flying Historical or Scenario type engagements, we fly U.S. aircraft in true historical proportion.

Our current weekly mission night is Wednesday nights at 10:00pmEST (3:00amGMT) On squad nights anyone can call a mission if they'd like, or we can reserve the time to train where it may be needed.  The CO of the VMF-323 is Ripsnort, and his XO of flight operations is Apache.

We are part of Marine Air Group 33, which is a combination of 5 squads all communicating and flying together online. VMF-323, VMF-115, VMF-111 ,VMFA-212 and VMF-222 enjoy doing combined operations for fulfilling our WW2 online experiences.

Information of members in the squads of MAG-33 can be seen at HTC web site under "squads".

Our Web site is up please take some time to find out about us:

VMF-323 Death Rattlers 


Here is some historical data on the VMF-323:

The nickname "Death Rattlers" and an appropriately designed squadron patch were adopted By VMF-323 soon after commissioning. Based upon an incident wherein a large rattle snake fell prey to three VMF-323 lieutenants and wound up adorning the unit's ready room. Both nickname and patch continue in use today. 

The Squadron Patch : The circle is for solidarity of the squadron, a compact, well-rounded out unit. The rattle-snake represents the vicious striking power of the aircraft we fly into combat.The most distinctive feature of the patch is the F4U Corsair(its inverted gull wing (silohouette) shown in the lower section of the insignia. If you'd like to see the real VMF-323,the squadron provided Marine airpower for the 1949 John Wayne movie classic, "Sands of Iwo Jima."


VMF-323 "Snake Pit"

Here is the link to HiTechs "Aces High" World War 2 Flight simulator:

Aces High

Here is the link to "The Jokers Low" scenario page that VMF-323 participates in: 

Jokers Low 

and if you decide this is the squad for you, email Ripsnort at :